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Can you hear this? May 15, 2019 Company Spotlight For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s Third Law holds true for many activities, even in your body. The earphone market Like Lego, but for energy Apr 15, 2019 Company Spotlight “The way microgrids are built [in Africa] is impractical, everyone is thinking solar [instead of asking] what are the resources in the community?” What’s happening in your veins? Mar 15, 2019 Company Spotlight Imagine sitting in one spot for too long, or being unable to move your legs for a while. Such situations can cause blood flowing within the veins to Where do you live? Feb 15, 2019 Company Spotlight A simple question that can be quite difficult to answer. Postal codes, at least in the modern age, first appeared in Ukraine — then part of the USSR