Want to build hardware for agriculture? Get supply chain resilient. Aug 29, 2022 Longform Chuma Asuzu This piece is part of No Tracking, a zine by Hardware Things. Get a copy.Size is both a feature and a constraint of agriculture; the Giving African beekeepers a digital upgrade Dec 23, 2021 Longform Jessica Pothering Abiye Tadeos had no experience in beekeeping before launching Anabi, a startup developing smart devices for Ethiopia’s honey The TECNO Playbook: How to sell smartphones fast in Kenya Oct 1, 2021 Longform Alexandria Sahai Williams It’s a Friday afternoon in Nairobi, and Luthuli Avenue is already alive. Though the avenue only occupies a few square The Prize Economy Jul 7, 2021 Longform Chuma Asuzu At 10:36pm on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, my phone buzzed with a new notification. It was an email from the American Society of Mechanical Cape Town makes the world's small satellites Jun 15, 2021 Longform David Oni This story was co-published with Space in Africa. On a sunny day in November 2013, the staff and students of the French South African A sip of Rwanda Nov 30, 2020 Longform Chuma Asuzu Every morning, and particularly during this global pandemic, I get out of bed still sleepy and take a walk to the kitchen. I pour some