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Hardware companies have three tasks: build, prove, go offshore Nick Allen, as told to Hardware Things By August of 2021, Savant had disbursed $1.22 million in investments in the previous 12 months. A small fund Oct 17, 2022 Lessons Learnt & Q&A
Hardware companies have three tasks: build, prove, go offshore Oct 17, 2022 Lessons Learnt & Q&A Nick Allen, as told to Hardware Things By August of 2021, Savant had disbursed $1.22 million in investments in the previous 12 months. A small fund Want to build hardware for agriculture? Get supply chain resilient. Aug 29, 2022 Longform Chuma Asuzu This piece is part of No Tracking, a zine by Hardware Things. Get a copy.Size is both a feature and a constraint of agriculture; the Five years, one paying customer: building for the informal sector Mar 15, 2022 Lessons Learnt & Q&A Ted Boulou, as told to Hardware Things In 2012, Ted Boulou moved to Dakar, Senegal to work on rural electrification projects across Francophone West Giving African beekeepers a digital upgrade Dec 23, 2021 Longform Jessica Pothering Abiye Tadeos had no experience in beekeeping before launching Anabi, a startup developing smart devices for Ethiopia’s honey The TECNO Playbook: How to sell smartphones fast in Kenya Oct 1, 2021 Longform Alexandria Sahai Williams It’s a Friday afternoon in Nairobi, and Luthuli Avenue is already alive. Though the avenue only occupies a few square Drones from scraps Sep 29, 2021 Solutions Reporting Charles Pensulo Earlier this year, Bester Kalombo, a clinician at the remote Lisungwi Community Hospital in Neno District, Southern Malawi observed How a drone engineer is helping to build social enterprise in Sudan Sep 14, 2021 Maker Story Jessica Pothering They say you learn more from failure than from success. Sudanese hardware entrepreneur Hatim Hassan is working to ensure that Made in Egypt Aug 16, 2021 Solutions Reporting Rawnaa Al-Masry Since its establishment in 2005, the Information Technology and Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) under the Ministry of The Prize Economy Jul 7, 2021 Longform Chuma Asuzu At 10:36pm on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, my phone buzzed with a new notification. It was an email from the American Society of Mechanical Cape Town makes the world's small satellites Jun 15, 2021 Longform David Oni This story was co-published with Space in Africa. On a sunny day in November 2013, the staff and students of the French South African Jirogasy’s solar computers power offgrid schools in Madagascar May 3, 2021 Solutions Reporting Chuma Asuzu In many respects, Madagascar is an isolated country. Located off the East African coast in the Indian Ocean, it is the world’s The new jua kali Apr 29, 2021 Solutions Reporting Mercy Adhiambo Inside a small workshop in Nairobi’s Industrial Area, Caroline Barongo, 24, is covered in sparks of yellow flames. She holds tightly Grit Was Not Enough Feb 15, 2021 Lessons Learnt David Adebiyi In September 2016, I was invited for a technical assessment at GRIT Systems as part of the hiring process for a hardware engineering A sip of Rwanda Nov 30, 2020 Longform Chuma Asuzu Every morning, and particularly during this global pandemic, I get out of bed still sleepy and take a walk to the kitchen. I pour some Spending less on electricity, saving the planet Nov 15, 2019 Company Spotlight A geyser is a vent in the Earth’s surface that periodically ejects a column of hot water and steam. And while that’s the definition you will see if Data analytics for PAYGo Solar Oct 15, 2019 Company Spotlight Buvuma Island is on Lake Victoria, off the mainland of Uganda and about 77km away from Uganda’s capital of Kampala. For a snapshot into how remote Robots to assist, not replace Sep 15, 2019 Company Spotlight Last year, for the first time, a robotics company in Africa raised US$1.6m in venture funding. When this raise was reported, most people outside The right medication at the right temperature Aug 15, 2019 Company Spotlight Without good storage, food products go bad much quicker than anyone would like. Mostly, we think about this in the home when we store food in the Building technology together Jul 15, 2019 Communities Communities are a lot of work, but in an environment where a hardware entrepreneur can not buy tools to make products, having access to common tools Get a box, rent power Jun 15, 2019 Company Spotlight Africa’s potential to harness solar power is well documented, but with the purchasing power of its citizens significantly lower than the rest of the
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